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A brief history about wontons, by the Dumpling Bar Sydney

This tasty meal first originated from dumplings and buns, the two foods that are popular around China and the world. Now as a descendent of these foods, there are a lot of expectations for it live up to, which is surely does! The Dumpling Bar in Sydney will delve into the history of wontons.

Seen as a traditional food in China, the wonton originated in Northern China and was viewed to be a sealed bun without holes, they called it ‘Huidun’ (meaning chaos). But as the Chinese characters started to form, it formulated the name of ‘wonton’. While our specialties revolve around authentic dumplings in Sydney, we can assure you that our wonton soup is simply divine.

During the Tang Dynasty, it was very easy for you get confused between wontons and dumplings due to their looks. One of the only ways to tell the difference was by the wrappers, as dumplings were round and wontons were square. The traditional stuffing of the wonton only consisted of pork, shrimp meat, vegetables, shallots and ginger. While in today’s day and age, they have evolved and innovation has incorporated new flavours for us to indulge in, we all know that the traditional flavour is the most warming of them all.

The wonton has a long history and dates back to ancient China, where a doctor made wontons on the cold mountainside, as it was the only viable food that he was able to make with the ingredients found. This man then started to incorporate medicine in the wonton soups to ensure all the villagers were cured of any illness and thus the wonton was invented in a time of need.

We hope that this helped you understand about where wontons originated from, so be sure to visit our Dumpling Bar Sydney for lunch 7 days a week!